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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RegDefense™?
RegDefense™ is an Award-Winning Registry Cleaner. As the latest in computer diagnostic and repair technology, RegDefense has eliminated computer repair costs for millions of PC users around the world. If you would like to download a Free Computer Diagnostic, Click Here »

Q. How does RegDefense work?
Computers running a Windows operating system (OS) have a component called a registry. As your computer operates it creates corrupt files in the Windows registry that adversely affect the performance of your computer. RegDefense systematically scans your Windows registry to locate corrupt files and then repairs the Windows registry restoring the performance of your computer.

Q. Is RegDefense compatible on 64-bit computers?
Yes, RegDefense is the only registry cleaner compatible on all versions of Windows Microsoft XP and Vista include the 64-bit systems.

Q. What do registry errors do to a computer?
Registry errors can slow down, freeze and even crash your computer. If registry errors are not corrected these errors can cause a computer to crash – often without warning – and cause the lose of information, files, and computer programs. If your computer is running slow, Click Here for a Free Scan.

Q. How did my registry get errors in the first place?
The Windows OS will always have errors in its registry. Preventing Windows registry errors is nearly impossible because of the way we use our computers. Some errors are caused by improperly shutting down a computer, installing or uninstalling software programs, unused or old system drivers, etc. The list goes on and on. Just know that it happens to all computers whether they are used by experts or novices.

Q. Is RegDefense hard to use?
RegDefense is easy to use; a few simple mouse clicks allows you to safely scan, clean, and repair registry problems. Increase your computers performance in just 90 Seconds by clicking the Free Scan link.

Q. What is better RegDefense or a computer technician?
Due to the overall size and complexity of a computers registry, it is nearly impossible to manually scan, analyze and determine which registry files should be removed to free up resources and enable your computer to run more effectively. Automating the process and using RegDefense has proven to be the most cost-effective solution in repairing your computers registry.

Q. What will happen if I don't fix my registry errors?
Your computer will continue to run slower and slower and be more and more frustrating to use. Eventually your computer will experience a fatal error and it will become completely inoperable, to the point where the data on the computer will not be recoverable. Prevent this from happening to you by Downloading RegDefense »

Q. Should I use RegDefense continuously?
To keep your computer functioning at its highest level and completely optimized you will want to use RegDefense at least once a month and preferably every week. Registry errors are created through normal everyday use of a computer. Just like a car needs an oil change every three months or 3000 miles a computer should have its registry cleaned on a regular basis.

Q. Am I able to run RegDefense on both my desktop computer and my laptop computer?
You will need a multi-license key to run it on more than one computer. RegDefense has licensing for one to 1000 computers. Depending on the number of licenses you purchase will depend on the number of computers for which the license key is valid. For example, if you purchase a 10 user license you will receive one license key that will work on up to 10 different computers.
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